Jaiz Charity and Development Foundation in Akure, the Ondo State capital for zakat disbursement exercise.

At the Akure Central Mosque Hall on Tuesday, June 21 2022, the Foundation distributed five million, six hundred and twenty-five thousand Naira (N5,625,000) Zakat fund to 55 beneficiaries for livelihood support and empowerment.

The Foundation collaborated with some of the stakeholders of the Muslim Community in Akure, Ondo State under the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) chaired by Alhaji Jimoh Ibrahim Akindele, in deploying the Zakat fund to provide equipment such as 3 deep freezers, 4 sewing machines, 2 grinding machines, 2 vulcanizing machines and several cheques to the beneficiaries.

Addressing guests and beneficiaries at the occasion the Chief Executive Officer, CEO, of the Foundation, Imam Abdullahi Shuaib, PhD, said, “Permit me to mention that out of the aforementioned Zakat fund (N5,625,000), we had earlier distributed the sum of One Million Nine Hundred and Seventeen Thousand Naira (N1,917,000) at the head office to 4 beneficiaries of Ondo state extraction residing outside the state for economic empowerment and institutional support.

“The outstanding balance of Three Million Seven Hundred and Eight Thousand Naira (N3,708,000) is the Zakat fund to be distributed to the remaining 51 beneficiaries at this gathering,” he explained.

June 21 2022

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