Our Core Activities

The Foundation’s intervention programs are in the following areas:

  • Humanitarian Intervention: Provision of relief materials and capacity building to victims of accidents or natural disasters such as floods, earthquake, fire outbreak, civil unrest, insurgency etc.
  • Educational Intervention: We also renders educational support for the benefit of the community through:
    • a. Sponsorship of conferences and workshops especially in the area that is related to Religious & Peaceful Co-existence, Economic and Community Development.
    • b. Publishing and sponsorship of books especially in the areas of social and economic empowerment of the people.
  • Health, Water and Sanitation: Jaiz Foundation conducts intervention in the provision of medical relief programs to needy communities across the country.
  • Agricultural Intervention through support in areas of training, skills acquisition and facilitation of Micro Credit on the basis of Mudharaba & Qard Hassan (partnership and benevolent loan). The relevance of this cannot be over-emphasized in the country.
  • Assisting entrepreneurial individuals and small scale industrialist with the right skills to effectively run their business.
  • Waqf Activities: A Waqf is a charitable endowment which is used in Islam with the meaning of holding a specific property not to be used by the waqif (Donor) which is permissible to be used for philanthropic purposes without consuming the property itself.


A Waqf is an Islamic charitable endowment of property held in trust and used for charitable purposes without the consumption of the property itself. To handle Waqf and Zakat Management, the Foundation established the Jaiz Zakat and Waqf Trust Fund to handle such activities.